Food Product Research and Development


♦ From Idea to Tangible Prototype: Foodbytes Infoservices from will assist you right from conceptualization.

There are many ideas which have a potential for profits. The reason many of these ideas do not reach the buying public is that many of the people who have the idea do not know where to begin in getting the idea out of their mind and into something which you can sink your teeth into.

At Foodbytes Infoservices we can assist you right from conceptualization of your products. We can do a feasibility study of your concept and then help you transform your idea into a tangible recipe.


♦ From Your Kitchen to the Market: Translating your recipe for mass production.

People have been consistently saying that you have an excellent product and consider selling it. You agree that it is something you would like to do but don't know where to begin. Foodbytes Infoservices can help you standardize your recipe, compute for cost of production, and help you source out suppliers.


♦ Troubleshooting and Product Improvement: Finding out what's wrong and finding solutions.

Your existing product needs a few tweaks or you would like to improvement in specific areas like perhaps shelf life, texture, reformulation or cost.


♦ Packaging Development and Design: Wrapping it up.

Once your product is ready for mass production, we also provide label development and packaging design which are compliant with legal requirements either locally or for export.






ThinkTank Projects

Current Projects

1.  Food Safety Management documentation for a large scale commercial processor.

2.  Development of a Food Security Program for a high level processor.

3.   New Product Development: We are currently developing sugar-free product versions of an existing product line for one of our exporting clients.

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