Starting a New Business

Whether you're looking for new ideas to build a business on or you already know exactly what you want, having someone on your side will make starting a new business easier.

At Foodbytes Infoservices all our clients receive a customized service package meant to give our clients exactly what they need. To achieve this goal, the initial consultation is always free.

What we can do for you.

Concept Creation.  Have you ever had an idea brewing in you mind that you know has great potential in the market? Do you need someone to fill in the missing gaps to make your concept whole?

Perhaps you need a fresh perspective.

Foodbytes Infoservices consultants specialize in thinking outside the box without ignoring sound business concepts. We understand both the technical aspects of product development and the marketing side of business.

Product Design. Food has many complex dimensions. The preparation of food is therefore both a science and an art. We at Foodbytes Infoservices R&D pride ourselves with having experience in both scientific research and the culinary arts.

Facilities Design. Facilities which handle food have very specific needs. Foodbytes Infoservices has extensive experience in designing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant plants which not only meet sanitary plant design standards but also take into consideration the optimum layout for an efficient and cost effective work flow.

Business Start-up and Strategy. Foodbytes Infoservices experts can help you create plans and strategies to maximize the utilization of resources.

Label Compliance and Packaging Design. Imagine someone looking at two different brands of the same food item on the grocery shelf. One item is in a blandly colored box with the expiration date barely visible. The other item is in a professional looking package with all the product information a customer  wants to know clearly written on the label. Foodbytes Infoservices will not only advise you of the most compatible type of packaging material for your product, we can also design your packaging for you to meet both local and international standards.

Food Safety Standards Compliance. From the very beginning of it's existence, Foodbytes Infoservices has advocated for food safety. We firmly believe that food safety should not be costly and should not be difficult for those in the business of food. Our methods are therefore simple, easy to implement while being highly effective.


ThinkTank Projects

Current Projects

1.  Food Safety Management documentation for a large scale commercial processor.

2.  Development of a Food Security Program for a high level processor.

3.   New Product Development: We are currently developing sugar-free product versions of an existing product line for one of our exporting clients.

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In Local News

* 2013/05/17: Red tide remains in Zambo, Misamis waters: BFAR warns that shellfish and alamang are not safe for human consumption.

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Around the Globe

* 2013/05/28:  Bubble tea brands banned by Singapore for unapproved chemical content: Food inspection authorities withdraw tapioca balls from Taiwan after finding maleic acid.

* 2013/05/24:  NC Holiday Inn salmonella outbreak grows to 86: The number of confirmed cases from the Fayetteville N.C. outbreak has increased while health officials continue their investigation on the source of the outbreak.

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