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* 2013/05/28:  Bubble tea brands banned by Singapore for unapproved chemical content: Food inspection authorities withdraw tapioca balls from Taiwan after finding maleic acid.

* 2013/05/24:  NC Holiday Inn salmonella outbreak grows to 86: The number of confirmed cases from the Fayetteville N.C. outbreak has increased while health officials continue their investigation on the source of the outbreak.

* 2013/05/20: Over 80 DMK wokers hospitalised due to food poisoning: Hospital confirms food poisoning of 82 people in India.

* 2013/05/19: Fayetteville Salmonella outbreak likely to grow: Health officials say 51 people who ate at Holiday Inn Bordeaux have reported symptoms of salmonellosis.

* 2012/10/11: No contamination found on China-exported strawberries:  In a statement issued by the Chinese General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) office, no disease-causing viruses were found on the frozen strawberries exported from China. Chinese strawberries are being blamed for a food poisoning outbreak which affected more than 11,000 children in Germany.

* 2012/10/06:  Over 11,000 German children suffer food poisoning - Over 11,000 German children were taken ill last week with vomiting and diarrhea in one of Germany's biggest outbreak of food-poisoning most likely caused by norovirus-contaminated strawberries.

* 2012/09/28:  USDA debuts online food safety consumer complaint form - The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has unveiled a new online Electronic Consumer Complaint Form where consumers can report problems

* 2012/09/30:  Del Monte Recalls Mango Products for Possible Salmonella - Del Monte Fresh Produce is recalling some fresh-cut fruit packages made with mangoes because they may be contaminated with Salmonella

* 2012/09/26:  Biggest Food Safety Disasters 2012: Peanut Butter, Sushi, Cantaloupe And More


* 2012/03/12:  Friesland Campina makes significant Filipino M&A Move to reach 100 m Customers

* 2012/03/12:  Malaysia shines safety light on glow-in-the-dark lollipops

* 2012/03/11:  Tokyo food radiation safety: It's personal

* 2012/03/11: 10 poisoned by Abu Dhabi eateries last year - official data

* 2012/03/09: BPI ground beef gets support from food safety leaders


* 2012/01/31:  McDonald's announces the discontinued use of SLBT

* 2012/01/31:  New industry code to reduce food poisoning

* 2012/01/23:  New scholarship to bolster food safety standards

* 2012/01/22:  Safe Workers = Safe Food

* 2012/01/20:  The Food Safety Modernization Act - One Year Later

* 2012/01/20:  Scab Check for Poultry to Be Scrapped Under Food-Safety Rule

* 2012/01/18:  India's tainted milk of gods

* 2012/01/17:  Eatery hygiene ratings to go online

* 2012/01/16:  Food safety at risk with budget cuts expected, union says

* 2012/01/11:  Inspectors ignored FDA  guidance before listeria outbreak, report finds

* 2012/01/08:  58 girl students suffer from food poisoning in Nashik

* 2012/01/07:  Ireland Closes Record 64 Food Establishments in 2011

* 2012/01/02:  Revised estimate puts foodborne illness cost at about $78bn a year

* 2012/01/02:  US egg Salmonella prevention guidance issued



* 2011/11/30:  Coca-Cola works with China authorities to investigate poisoning

* 2011/11/28:  Thai Prime Minister hospitalized with food poisoning

* 2011/11/16:  Food Poisoning attacks SEA Games

* 2011/11/15:  World Food Safety Fund launched at APEC


* 2011/09/13:  FDA investigates multistate outbreak of listeriosis

* 2011/09/12:  More ground turkey recalled over Salmonella fears

* 2011/09/12:  Six new E. coli strains banned from meat supply


* 2011/08/28:  Food poisoning: 18 taken ill

* 2011/08/28:  Probe into food poisoning at school that left 120 students sick

* 2011/08/26: ConAgra sued over GMO "100% All Natural" cooking oils

* 2011/08/22: Eleven die from suspected tainted vinegar in China

* 2011/08/15: Asian honey, banned in Europe, is flooding U.S. grocery shelves - fsn

* 2011/08/11: Taiwan acting to restore consumer confidence in food exports - focustaiwan

* 2011/08/11: Understanding the Ancestry of the Food Safety Modernization Act - foodsafetymagazine

* 2011/08/10: Government knew about bacteria in turkey - wallstreetjournal

* 2011/08/05: China makes arrests over food - wallstreetjournal

* 2011/08/03: Consumers looking for answers on ground turkey - businesweek

* 2011/08/02: Health officials to carry out more hygiene inspections - vietnamnews

* 2011/08/01: Ground turkey blamed for salmonella death, outbreak - msnbc


* 2011/07/29: Girl dead, 50 ill after prasad - telegraphindia

* 2011/07/28: China to offer rewards for food safety informers - reuters

* 2011/07/27: No Salmonella found in tests at N. Idaho sprouts producer- spokesmanreview

* 2011/07/26: More Papayas Found Contaminated with Salmonella - fsn

* 2011/07/23: Agromond Produce, Inc. Recalls Papaya Because of Possible Health Risk - fda

* 2011/07/11: Spoiled leftovers blamed for food poisoning that sickens 42 children in China - cri

* 2011/07/08: 42 children sickened in alleged food poisoning - cri

* 2011/07/08: Japanese restaurant closes after fatal food poisonings - fm

* 2011/07/08: Food violations found in Lam Dong - vn

* 2011/07/07: Egypt denies local fenugreek seeds caused E. coli - cbsnews

* 2011/07/05: E. coli: EU bans Egyptian seeds after fenugreek link - BBC

* 2011/07/05:  EU bans import of Egyptian seeds linked to E. coli - Reuters

* 2011/07/03: VN sets permissible limits to DEHP in foods - SSGP


* 2011/06/30:  Illegal cooking oil made from swill produced on huge scale - Chinadaily

* 2011/06/16:  Food Safety Fears Grow in Japan on Skepticism at Radiation Testing Regime - Bloomberg

* 2011/06/13: Germany Finally Confirms Source of Deadly E. Coli Outbreak

* 2011/06/11: Sprouts Are the Cause, Who's to Blame? - Food Safety News

* 2011/06/11: FOOD SCARE: Legislature passes stricter penalties for food violations - Tapei Times

* 2011/04/24: Recipe for food safety - President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act, potentially the most sweeping overhaul of the nation's food-safety system in nearly three-quarters of a century.


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