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Food Issues - Local - 2011/06/01

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* 2011/06/27: USDA warns Phl against imposing measures to protect local meat sector -  The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has warned the Philippines against imposing protectionist measures on imported frozen meat imports.

* 2011/06/22: Salmonella found cause of Bulacan food poisoning - Pigeon cages and freely raoming chickens near food preparation area possible source of contamination which caused a food poisoning outbreak in the town.

* 2011/06/20: DoH, DePEd remind public in proper handling and preparation of food

* 2011/06/18: Milkfish from Taal Lake now safe to eat: DA - The Department of Agriculture assures the public that Bangus / Milkfish from Taal Lake is now safe to eat.

* 2011/06/17 Salitre Posibleng Sanhi ng Food Poisoning sa Tuguegarao - Salitre (curing salt) is believed to have caused the death of 2 schoolchildren when it was accidentally mistaken for salt and added to the food served to the children.

* 2011/06/14 Food poisoning kills 2 pupils downs 42 in Cagayan - Two schoolchildren die and more than 40 others are poisoned after eating food prepared at thier school.

* 2011/06/14 Bulacan village under state of calamity due to food poisoning - A state of Calamity is declared in Calumpit town after more than 100 residents are affected by a food poisoning incident.

* 2011/06/04: Fish kills slay demand even for safe fish in public markets - Fish kills which have affected bangus and tilapia grown in Batangas and Pangasinan have drastically reduced marketability of the affected fish species even those harvested from non-affected areas.

* 2011/06/01:  Botchang bangus seized in QC - An estimated 150 kilos of illegal fish was confiscated by city health officials in Balintawak market.

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