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Food Issues - Local - 2011/07/01

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* 2011/07/24: Food franchisers seek direct tie ups with farmers - Members of the Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc. (AFFI) said they are keen on buying farm goods directly from local farmers than buy goods produced by farmers abroad.

* 2011/07/21: Mussels down 6 in Batangas - Six people are taken to a hospital after eating mussels suspected to be contaminated by red tide.

* 2011/07/15: QC health office inspects schools after food poisoning - Quezon City health officials inspect several schools in the city and ask schools to submit a list of concessionaires so that city officials can confirm if the concessionaires all have Sanitary Permits.

* 2011/07/15: Education office urged to tighten food safety regulations - The EcoWaste Coalition has called on the Department of Education to apply stricter rules on food safety in schools following several cases of food poisoning involving in-school food services.

* 2011/07/09: Fishermen promise support for BFAR - Local fishermen organizations show pledge support for BFAR programs which aim to increase fish production while improving resource conservation and environmental restoration.

* 2011/07/08: Binay orders canteen probe following alleged poisoning - Makati City Mayor Je4jomar Binay Jr. orders a food safety inspection of public school canteens after 6 public school students are taken to the hospital on suspicions of food poisoning.

* 2011/07/08: Epidemics unit investigates suspected food poisoning in Kalinga -  The Provincial Epidemics and Surveillance Unit(PESU) is investigating the suspected food poisoning incident that affected a family in Barangay Laya West.

* 2011/07/07: Food poisoning downs 9 Boracay tourists - Tourists from Nueva Viscaya are confined at the Boracay District Hospital on suspicions of food poisoning.

* 2011/07/04: Public warned against buying repacked soy sauce - Philippine FDA - The FDA warns the public against buying soysauce which have been removed from its original packaging as this makes the source and the handling procedures untraceable.

* 201107/01: Word war erupts over pork trade - Canadian Ambassador to the Philippines Christopher Thornley believes atha Administratove Order 22 which covers the hygienic handling of frozen and chilled meat and meat products disproportionately favors local industries and should be brought to the attention of the World Trade Organization.


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