HACCP as Part of Your Food Business

Sunday, 31 July 2011 04:47

HACCP practitioner logoNow we have mentioned many times that HACCP is not a difficult system to implement but this does not mean that you just sit back while a consultant sets it up for you. No, HACCP is something which you, the business owner, the manager, the leader of your organization must appreciate and implement along with everyone in your staff. It’s a way of life within the business, within your organization.


There is also this impression that HACCP is something you just install somewhere and you’re up and running. Again this is a misconception. Normally an establishment needs a few months to properly implement and verify a HACCP system. This is one reason why HACCP is done in stages. Usually it is easier and faster to implement a HACCP system if an establishment was built up following GMP’s and other basic food safety systems.

A complete HACCP system takes time to implement which is why we always recommend that food businesses start as early as possible in establishing their basic food safety system and not wait until a potential client requests an audit. And with the increasing demand for safer food, client audits will become increasingly part of the norm.

If you are a small producer will this affect you? Do you really need to set this up? Yes you do. Once feature of the HACCP system is what is called traceability. This means that a producer needs to be able to track their ingredient or raw material and this will mean that he will want his suppliers to also be compliant with current food safety standards.

For example, lets take a fast food restaurant who serves fried chicken and is HACCP certified, for every single piece of chicken that is served in their store/restaurant they will need to have their chicken sourced from a HACCP certified supplier, the salt and spices must also be from a HACCP practicioner and so forth. Every ingredient must be traceable to a supplier who also implements the required food safety management systems.

The implications for a small producers / suppliers is that if their clients are maintaining a HACCP system, then these clients will demand that you too must  be following HACCP otherwise they will not buy from you.

With the increasing consumer demand for safer food, expect stricter tighter food safety standards both locally and abroad.


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